Dairy Campus conducts research into the benefits of opened grass

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3 november 2022
Grass is the most available and perhaps also the most underestimated crop in the Netherlands. It contains more wealth than the cow can use. That is why Grassa has developed a technology to unlock the grass and split it into several high-quality products. One of them is opened grass. This is a stable roughage for cows that maintains the level of milk production, but with which less nitrogen, phosphate and methane are emitted.

In 2020, Grassa conducted extensive studies in collaboration with the Biorefinery Glas project in Ireland to investigate the efficiency of opened grass. Valuable insights have emerged from this. Only: the rations for cows in Ireland are not the same as for Dutch cows. That is why it has been decided to carry out a trial in collaboration with the Dairy Campus Innovation Fund and compound feed company Fransen-Gerrits. At Dairy Campus, we will work with common Dutch rations to show what the added value of opened grass can be for Dutch dairy farming.

At the beginning of October 2022, the research started in the feeding barn, equipped with Roughage Intake Control bins (RIC) that record the intake of feed per cow and the GreenFeed system for methane emission determination.
The first results are expected at the beginning of 2023.