Euriel Godebert, student

I'm doing a 9 weeks internship and the aim it's to discover the research world, then to write a report and pass an oral defense about the research I follow.
I worked on Dairy Campus with the calves in the project called InnoCalfConcept. Feeding, cleaning, weighting, doing clinical examination, taking care of new born calves (milk the mother and give the colostrum, take the brix, take a sample). I also followed and learned with the vet who came every two weeks to do ultrasons and dehorning and vaccine of calves.
I’m now writing a report about the first round of the InnoCalfConcept (growth rate and conversion indicator)
To conclude I will say I’ve got a worker experience and part of researcher work experience on an experimental farm with a lot of data to collect.

Euriel, Godebert, student of second year veterian on the university Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse