We hebben een actieve samenwerking met universiteiten, hoger en middelbaar onderwijs. Niet alleen in het groene domein, maar we hebben ook verbindingen met onder andere Wetsus en Cyber Campus.

Dairy Campus also works closely with various agricultural colleges on research programmes with their own research groups covering topical themes. These research groups create links between innovative research, education, business, knowledge institutes and public authorities. 

Within the Dairy Campus programme, Van Hall Larenstein runs the Dairy Campus Education programme with two degree programmes and several research groups. The two degree programmes are an Associate Degree in Organic Dairy Farming and a one-year international Master’s degree in Innovative Dairy Chain Management. There is also a Dairy Research Group programme with lecturers with their own research programmes, along with collaborations with other research groups covering topical themes in the dairy supply chain.  

        Besides these Dairy Campus research groups, we also have active links to the Dairy Process Technology, Food Health and Safety, Animal Behaviour, Animal Health and Animal Welfare, Meadow Birds and Sustainable Soil Management research groups. 

          We also work on projects with research groups at the Aeres and HAS Universities of Applied Sciences.